Monday, June 27 2016

NF stage demo against Sunderland mosque

The Sunderland Echo reports on the policing of a demonstration organized by the National Front against a mosque that was recently given planning approval.

From the local paper:

“Officers were stationed outside the Chester Road mosque for the remainder of the weekend and in the city centre where the NF demo carried on.

“Local NF activists were joined by others from across the country as they argued that the mosque posed a threat to the community and the safety of local children.

“Simon Biggs, the group’s North East regional organiser, said: “It’s a mosque and it’s alien to this country. They’re still going ahead with it despite 1,400 people complaining about it.

“There are no British-born Muslims in my eyes. They don’t belong here and Islam is alien to us.”

“Gary Duncan, 42, from Sunderland, speaking on behalf of the anti-fascists, said: “It doesn’t matter what they say is the reason they’re against the mosque, it’s all about racism and that’s it. They’re not complaining about the church down the road.

“We’ve come to stand in opposition to these people who have been bussed in from all over the country to poison Sunderland with their racism.”

“As some 100 people gathered on either side of the road, concerned residents of St Mark’s Road watched from the doors of their homes.

“A spokesman for the residents who had initially lodged complaints about the proposed mosque said: “This is what we’ve been trying to avoid. We’ve been fighting against the mosque on issues of localities but this is what we predicted would happen if Sunderland City Council went ahead with the mosque.

“We’re trying to keep the community together but we feel it’s going to divide the community.”

“Tariq Khan, of the Tyne and Wear Multicultural Centre, said he plans to worship at the new mosque and would be happy to meet with residents to discuss their concerns.

“He said: “My family have lived here since 1947, no one can say I don’t belong here.

“The mosque is open for everyone and it will be a treasure that Sunderland can be proud of.”

“The new mosque has caused controversy since plans were first introduced and police had to guard a council meeting earlier this month when the project was finally given the green light.”


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