Tuesday, May 31 2016

Ten month sentence for racially abusive EDL supporters

The Nottingham Post reports on the 10 month sentence handed down to two men who subjected an Asian family to a torrent of racial abuse. The pair have also been barred from coming within 200 metres of the family’s newsagents store. The pair demanded to know the family’s religious affiliation asking "what religion are you?" and telling them it mattered "Because I'm EDL (English Defence League)".

From the local paper:

“Stefan Davis and Kelvin Barratt were locked up for ten months and told not to go within 200 metres of the family's newsagents in Bulwell for five years.

“Judge Michael Stokes QC, who sentenced them, asked one of their solicitors: "Why should anyone put up with such behaviour?"

“The men began their harassment at 7 o'clock one Monday morning as the family unloaded stock outside their newsagent's in Bulwell.

“Barratt, 25, of Courtleet Way, on the Crabtree Farm Estate in Bulwell, pulled a knife as he delivered an onslaught of foul remarks and words.

“He asked one "what religion are you?" and she replied "what does that matter?"

“He replied: "Because I'm EDL (English Defence League)".

“Matters then seemed to calm, with Davis shaking hands with a member of the family, and the men left.

“But Nottingham Crown Court heard how they returned later that day, on April 16, and continued their racial abuse.

"Davis said, 'I'll be back. I'll smash your shop. I'll come back and rob your shop'," said Robby Singh, prosecuting.

“Davis then went to Tesco and shouted in the store before police arrived and arrested him and Barratt.

“Barratt swore and said he had no respect for the police, the court was told.

“Both men admitted racially aggravated harassment and using threatening words or behaviour. Barratt additionally pleaded guilty to having the knife.

“Judge Michael Stokes QC told them the fact they were both drunk at the time was no excuse.

“"The family who own the newsagents in Bulwell were at the shop at the time because they are hardworking, decent individuals.

“"They didn't want any trouble. The court will not tolerate such behaviour."

“The family asked the Post for their store not to be named for fear of further trouble.”

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