Saturday, July 02 2016

Mixed reviews of new BBC sitcom 'Citizen Khan'

There is considerable coverage in the press today of reactions to the BBC’s new comedy show, Citizen Khan.

The Guardian reports that the BBC may be investigated by Ofcom after 20 complaints were received by the broadcast regulator protesting of the show’s breach of the regulatory code covering ‘harm and offence’.

Arifa Akbar of the Independent blogs that the the show “patronises its audience by flogging dead jokes and dumb stereotypes” and that complaints have had less to do with religion and more to do with the show’s “lazy cultural stereotyping.”

“Some have argued that this veers on borderline racism,” she writes.

The Daily Express, surprisingly, prints a terse article on viewer reactions to the show.

The Daily Mail publishes a column by Saira Khan who argues that “there’s so much else that rings true here about the daily life of British Muslims — from Khan’s obsession with saving money to the point that he buys toilet roll in bulk (it’s this sort of trait that makes British Muslims such good businessmen) to Mrs Khan’s preoccupation with what her friends and neighbours will think.

“This is British Muslim family life through and through.”

“…if we British Muslims can’t laugh at ourselves, with all our cultural tics and traits, and also allow the rest of Britain to laugh at us, too, there’s a real danger that our community will end up ostracised and isolated.”

The Huffington Post meanwhile is asking readers whether they found the show offensive. You can vote your view here.

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