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NF to demonstrate against 'halal abattoir' in Skegness

Local paper, the Skegness Standard, reports on the National Front’s latest target in its slew of anti-Muslim activities, the proposal for a halal abattoir in Skegness.

The far right, racist organisation is planning a demonstration in Skegness on Saturday September 15th and distributing flyers urging locals to reject the proposals.

From the local paper:

“A nationalist political organisation opposing multiculturalism and immigration has planned a demonstration against proposals for a halal abattoir in Skegness.

“The National Front has invited its members to walk through the town distributing flyers and displaying banners opposing the Muslim practice of slaughter on Saturday, September 15.

“Deputy chairman Kevin Bryan said: “We are against halal and kosher slaughterhouses full stop - it’s alien to this country and we don’t want to see it here. Islam is an alien religion to our shores and we don’t think we should have them in this country.”

“The group insists it is not racist, claiming to oppose immigrants of all races, ‘to return this county to its genetic make-up of the 1940s.’

“However the founder of a locally based opposition group fears her message of animal welfare could be tarnished by association with the National Front’s controversial stance.

“Tess Turner, formed the ‘Say no to halal slaughterhouse in Skegness’ group on facebook after learning that a halal meat company had plans to reopen the town’s Heath Road abattoir.

“She would like to demonstrate against what she sees as a cruel practice, but will not participate in this event.

“She said: “I don’t want to be part of something as extreme as the National Front.”

“The Mayor of Skegness Councillor Mark Anderson is also concerned about the group’s visit, which he fears could be used to spread ‘racist propaganda’.

“He said: “I am against all forms of racism and believe in a multicultural British society. Britain is great because we have come together from a rich melting pot of different races, whether it’s Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Romans, Normans Eastern Europeans or Caribbean.

“It is totally wrong to single someone out for their race or dialect and I appeal to the people of Skegness to turn their backs on racism and move forward to make this town a community for everyone.””

It is interesting, but not surprising, that the NF deputy chairman should claim to be “against halal and kosher slaughterhouses” but single out Islam as “an alien religion to our shores”.

We can’t help but wonder, with the explicit anti-Muslim nature of the NF campaign, and their claim on the right of British Muslims to practice their religion as constituting something “alien to these shores”, when it is that we might hear a senior political figure address the steady, disturbing rise in anti-Muslim public discourse? Baroness Sayeeda Warsi was pilloried in some quarters for asserting that Islamophobia in the UK had “passed the dinner table test” last January. And with the scaremongering campaign on halal meat by the Daily Mail, as the New Statesman cover story on Anders Breivik’s court case suggested, it is absolutely time to put mainstream Islamophobia on trial.

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