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Local BNP leader in court for racism

Islamophobia Watch alerts us to a report in a local paper, The Sentinel, on the trial of the former councillor and current leader of the British National Party (BNP) in Stoke-on-Trent, Michael Coleman.  Coleman is charged with racially aggravated harassment relating to racist articles he posted on last year’s summer riots on his blog.

From the local paper:

“Stoke-on-Trent leader posted racist articles on a website including claims the city was being 'flooded with Muslims and blacks', a court heard.

“Former city councillor Michael Coleman has gone on trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court accused of racially-aggravated harassment.

“The 46-year-old was reported to police after two blogs he wrote in response to last summer's London riots appeared online.

“In them, he said the riots were a perfect example of 'the difference in personality, perceptions and values of people of the darker races and ourselves'.

“And he accused Stoke-on-Trent City Council of 'flooding this city with Muslims and blacks, a complete population replacement programme. Darkies in, whites out.'

“Coleman, of Caverswall Road, Weston Coyney, admitted writing the entries, but denies intending to cause harassment, alarm or distress.”

One of the articles in which Coleman commented on the riots stated that, "London darkies have reacted with violence. The darkies have exposed their true nature in siding with criminality."

In another article, he commented on the impact of immigration, "The ultimate outcome will be a city with no jobs, 100 mosques, a massive crime wave and thousands of very poor elderly folk."

The Sentinel states that when Coleman was asked in court about his use of the word ‘darkie’ he said that "We had been warned against using the word 'black' in the party. Instead of using that 'darkie' came to mind. It's a good old English word, I'm a good old English boy. If people are offended I'm sorry."

The BNP had nine seats on the local council in Stoke-on-Trent in 2008-9. This fell to five seats in the 2010 local elections, all of which were subsequently lost in 2011 when the BNP suffered heavy political losses nationwide.

UPDATE: Coleman was found guilty on charges of racially-aggravated harassment, see BBC News and The Sentinel

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0 #1 MrRalph Musgrave 2013-09-03 12:44
While I don't wish to defend everything Coleman said, blacks were actually over-represented by a whapping 2,500% or so in the riots: something our PC press keeps very quite about.

The number of blacks and whites arrested was the same (about 40% of the total). But blacks make up only about 2% of the population.

And now some nasty little PC fascist will try and have me arrested for speaking the truth.
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