Sunday, June 26 2016

EDL to demonstrate in Walthamstow just weeks after last protest

The Waltham Forest Guardian has reported that just weeks after they marched through the heavily Muslim populated area of Walthamstow in London, the EDL are planning another protest to take place next month.

From the local paper:

"The English Defence League (EDL) is planning to march through Walthamstow weeks after a demonstration by the far-right group prompted widespread condemnation.

"An attempt by 300 EDL members to march in Forest Road, Walthamstow, to a rally outside the Magistrates' Court was blocked as 3,000 opponents turned out to denounce the group on September 1.

"But the EDL, which claims to be opposed to Islamic extremism and denies accusations of racism, has announced it will return to the borough on October 27."

The leader of the EDL, Stephen Lennon stated that, "We're going back to Walthamstow and when we say we have to let bygones be bygones with many people across the EDL, everyone's welcome back.

"We need every man that's game going into east London on October 27. Roll on Walthamstow."

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