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Sunderland Muslims fear arson attacks racially motivated

The Sunderland Echo reports on an arson attack on cars owned by two Muslims who fear the act was racially motivated.

From the local paper:

“His car a burnt-out shell, student Usman Chaudhry fears he is the target of racist thugs.

“The 28-year-old’s Nissan Micra was one of two cars destroyed by arsonists in one weekend.

“He woke up at 5.30am to see his car on fire outside the house he shares with friends.

“Police were first on the scene, but firefighters were already dealing with another blaze in the next street.

“Mr Chaudhry, who has lived in the city for 11 months, said: “I was up early because I was preparing for a project. I heard a noise outside and saw my car was on fire.

“I called the police and woke up my friends who I live with and they extinguished the fire.”

The other victim, Hussain Mohammad, an Iranian national, told the paper: “I got up at about 6.30am and the fire engines and police were there. The whole engine was burnt-out.”

The article continues, “The men fear they could have been targeted because they are Muslims.

“Trouble has flared in the Millfield area after Sunderland City Council granted planning permission to turn an empty transport depot into a mosque.

“Members of the BNP and anti-fascists have gone head to head in demonstrations near the site in St Mark’s Road in recent weeks.

“Sergeant Louise McLennan said, “Although there is nothing to suggest at this stage that the owners of these cars have been specifically targeted, I would like to reassure people that there’s no place for any sort of hate crime in our area and tackling it is a priority for the force.”

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