Saturday, June 25 2016

Man charged for racist tweets

Islamophobia Watch alerts us to a report in the South Wales Evening Post on charges faced by a man from Swansea, for “send[ing] racially and religiously offensive messages” on the social networking website, Twitter.

From the local paper:

“A man accused of using Twitter to send racially and religiously offensive messages will appear at crown court on October 29.

“Ricky Davies, 20, of St Leger Crescent, Swansea, faces two charges of causing religiously aggravated harassment, another two of racially aggravated harassment and a charge of sending an indecent message.”

The brief report does not reproduce messages sent by Davies, however IW has collated a few of them from his Twitter account:

"f*** people commenting me for in some pakie lanuage? i dont understand you black c***"

In reaction to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, he tweeted, "1 #Muslim 1 billion to go !

#BINLADENISDEAD die Muslim scum ! No more mosques, Muslim scum off out streets"

Responding to the recent earthquake which took place in Turkey, he tweeted, "f*** turkey, the only bad thing is only 65 have died so far, hopefully more muslims die soon #Prayforturkey #MuslimScum".

And "wheres your god allah now? #MuslimScum all dying in turkey hahaha, ohh yea thats right hes to busy f****** children and pigs #pray4turkey".

IW notes not surprisingly, that he has also posted messages supportive of the English Defence League.

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