Saturday, June 25 2016

Concerns about hate attacks in West Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Post reports on concerns expressed by local Muslims on the increase in attacks on Muslims in the Yorkshire region as a consequence, among other factors, of depressing socio-economic circumstances. The role of social media sites in organising and galvanising anti-Muslim sentiments is also mentioned as a significant challenge to tackling the rising number of hate crimes

From the local paper:

“Bradford man Ali Shaan, a spiritual leader who was born and grew up in the city, is one of dozens who have reported being the victim of a racist attack in the area this year.

“The number of unreported incidents is feared to be much higher.

“Recently he was walking down Canal Road on his way to prayers, when three young men in a car shouted abuse and spat on him.

“In 2009 the number of hate crimes recorded in West Yorkshire rose 12 times faster than other parts of the country, and monitoring groups in the

region say the figure is now on the increase again as polarised views become crystallised and prolific far right bloggers urge attacks on vulnerable members of the muslim community.

“The internet is seen as widely responsible for fuelling much of the hatred and as a direct route to access, in particular, young disenfranchised men.

“In Yorkshire almost one in five 16 to 24-year-olds are not in education, employment or training (NEET), the highest ever figure recorded for this point in the year.

“Shakir Ahmed, editor of Passion Islam which was founded in 2008 as an online news portal and research facility for extremism across West Yorkshire, said: “There has been a huge increase in far right groups and a lot of it has been down to the internet.

“This growth has been in the past few years, it has really escalated.

“The recession has not helped matters either, everybody from every community is under pressure.

“The far right groups are using this lack of jobs as part of their attacks to create hatred towards Muslims.

“The biggest recruitment strategy for these off-shoot groups is via social networking, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

“These are very common now.

“It is very dangerous and we do need to tackle that.””

The most recent statistics on hate crimes published earlier this month by the Home Office found that race hate crimes accounted for the majority of hate crimes in all forces. West Yorkshire Police recorded 1,840 race hate crimes in the 2011/12 period, the fourth highest figure of all forces. Figures for religious hate crimes recorded were 45, though as the YP points out, it is highly likely that the actual number of racist and religious hate crimes is under reported.

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