Friday, July 01 2016

No action against men who posted racially abusive messages online

The Asian Image and Northern Echo both report on the decision by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit to drop the case against five men arrested on suspicion of posting racially abusive messages on social networking sites.

From the Asian Image:

“Five men arrested on suspicion of posting race hate material online after raids in Merseyside will face no further action, police have said.

“Five months later, a decision has been made not to continue the investigation.

“A spokeswoman for Unit said: “Officers carried out a full and thorough investigation into posts made on social networking sites.

”Five men were arrested on suspicion of publishing or distributing written material which may stir up racial hatred.

”Following liaison with the Crown Prosecution Service, it was decided that no further action should be taken.”

“The arrests were linked to a splinter group of the English Defence League known as the North West Infidels.

“At the time, a message posted on the group’s Facebook page said: “Heads up if you have posted anything you might get in trouble for delete it now ... while you still can ... and don’t post anything considered racist folks you are responsible for your own actions.” “

Expose have collated some of the posts which were posted by members of the North West Infidels, including comments such as:

“I’ll smash their fucking black brains”

“we are going to be your worst nightmare”

“somalian twats”

“ think this militant might have a wander into town and attack a racist

“agadoo doo doo kill a paki gas a jew”

Islamophobia Watch draws a comparison with the recent conviction of Azhar Ahmed observing:

“Note how differently Azhar Ahmed was treated over his offensive Facebook comments. After the initial, ridiculous attempt to charge him with a racially aggravated public order offence was abandoned, he was prosecuted instead under the Communications Act 2003, which makes it an offence to send over a public electronic communications network a message that is "grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character". Ahmed was found guilty last week and although he has not yet been sentenced he faces a possible six months in prison.”

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