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Protest held against Muslim community centre in Leicester

BBC News reports on the latest in a string of protests that have been held in Leicester against proposals to lease a former Scouts hut building to a Muslim group who want to turn it into a community centre.

From the BBC:

“A protest attended by about 100 people has been held at Leicester City Hall opposing a move to lease an empty Scout hut to a Muslim group.

“A 1,500-name petition opposing the move was also given to the city council.

“Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby met the group and assured them all views were being considered and a final proposal had not been drawn up.

“The authority is considering handing over the hut at Thurnby Lodge to the Muslim group As-Salaam.

“The protesters want the disused property to be developed for use by the wider community. Organisers said they were not anti-Islamic but they were upset with the city council.

“The As-Salaam Trust has said its community centre aimed to provide food sharing services, drug and alcohol advice and education to make community life better for everyone.

“Protesters predicted that the community centre would cause traffic problems, but the As-Salaam Trust said many users would walk to the facility.”

The leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin made an attempt to hijack a previous demonstration which was held against the As-Salaam centre acquiring the building. There have been a number of protests and petitions held in recent months against planning applications lodged by Muslims, some of which have been organised by the far right. They include protests in Sunderland, Chelmsford and a leaflet campaign against plans for a mosque in Cambridge which has now been approved.

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