Friday, July 01 2016

Norwich church minister denies links to EDL

The Norwich Advertiser reports that Reverend Alan Clifford, whose church was banned from holding a bookstall in the town centre after complaints were made about ‘hate-motivated’ anti-Islamic leaflets being distributed, has denied having links to the far-right EDL. The EDL are planning their first march in Norwich next month and cited the council’s decision to invoke a ban on Clifford’s stall as the motive for their protest.

From the local paper:

“A minister whose ban by a council sparked the English Defence League to organise a march has denied having links to the right-wing group.

“The EDL plan to march through Norwich on Saturday November 10, to protest at the city council barring the Reverend Alan Clifford from a stall on Hay Hill, where the council believe he was promoting leaflets against Islam."

In a statement to the Norwich Evening News, Clifford denied links to the EDL but welcomed their “rightly” endorsing his views on Islam. He told the paper, “I have no connection with either the EDL or the BNP. My objections to Islam are ideological not racial.”

The aforementioned leaflet is entitled, ‘Why not Islam’ and peddles disparaging and inflammatory information about Islam and Muslims in the UK. For example, it dedicates sections to explaining ‘Why Islam is not peaceful’ and ‘Why the West must shun Islam’. Clifford has in the past stated that he agrees with the BNP on Islam being an “evil” religion, and has described Islam as a “monster in our midst”.

The local paper adds that “An alliance called We are Norwich will hold a counter-demonstration on the same day which they said would celebrate Norwich’s diversity.”

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