Saturday, May 28 2016

Man fined for racist taunts at Muslim police officer

Islamophobia Watch alerts us to a report in the Hemsworth and South Elmsall Express last week on the guilty plea and sentencing of a man who racially abused a Muslim police officer.

From the local paper:

“A man has pleaded guilty to subjecting a police officer to a torrent of racist abuse.

“David Hammond… admitted shouting, swearing and using racist insults against PC Junaid Farooq.

“He appeared before Pontefract Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

“The court heard that PC Farooq, of the South East neighbourhood policing team, had been called to a domestic incident between Hammond and his partner on Friday, September 14.

“Officers cautioned Hammond for swearing at the police but he refused to calm down.

Hammond was “arrested and taken away by police when he began to hurl racist and religious insults at PC Farooq.''

Diane Gomersall, prosecuting, said that Hammond “shouted ‘all you Muslims just fly planes into buildings.’”

“He then said ‘where are you from? I am English from Vikings, where are you from?’”

She added that “PC Farooq is an officer of eight years experience and he said it was the worst racist and religious abuse he has suffered.”

The article states that Hammond ''continued abusing PC Farooq on the way to the police station and in front of the custody sergeant.''

Hammond’s defence told the court that Hammond “remembers nothing of saying such horrific things because he had a drink.

“It is something which he will regret for the rest of his days he tells me and it is his intention to write to PC Farooq.”

“Addressing the magistrates, Hammond said: “I am ashamed about what I have done.

“It was out of order and I am going to write him a letter.”

“Hammond was ordered to pay a £180 fine and £100 in compensation to Mr Farooq.”

The incident is similar to one which took place last year where two men were charged for a religiously aggravated attack against a Muslim police officer in Lincoln.

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