Sunday, May 29 2016

Far-right hold anti-Muslim grooming protest outside Downing Street

Islamophobia Watch draws attention to a protest by far right supporters called ‘Britain First’ outside Downing Street over the weekend calling for ‘justice for victims of Muslim grooming’.

From Islamophobia Watch:

“[Britain First] demonstrated outside Downing Street before marching down the road to Parliament Square where they burnt a Saudi flag. (There is of course a clear connection between the Saudi monarchy and the disappearance of Charlene Downes in Blackpool.)”

“Britain First claims that their demonstration was attended by "around 80-100 patriots, from several organisations". Judging by the photographs on their own website it looks like no more than a couple of dozen were there. However, Paul Golding's claim that a "disciplined delegation from the English Defence League" was among those participating is interesting, given that other organisations that were represented included the BNP and the ex-EDL breakaway group the Infidels.”

The little known group, Britain First claims that “The rapid growth of militant Islam is leading to the suppression of women, freedom of speech and racist attacks.” Judging by the demonstration it held, like many far right groups, Britain First uses the issue of ‘militant Islam’ as a fig leaf for a broader anti-Islam/Muslim agenda.

As we have previously noted, there has been a significant twisting of the rhetoric around the sexual grooming of young girls to portray it as a religious or ethnic issue. Britain First’s protest is just the latest in a number held by far right groups who have latched onto the absurd idea perpetuated by biased coverage in some tabloid papers, that sexual abuse is intrinsically linked to Islam.

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