Wednesday, June 29 2016

Carlisle man given suspended sentence for takeaway 'petrol bomb' threat

Islamophobia Watch covers the suspended jail sentence handed down to man who posted comments on his Facebook page encouraging people to petrol bomb an Indian takeaway in Carlisle because its owner was implicated in a sex grooming scandal.

From the local paper:

“A former hospital worker involved with a far-right political group used Facebook to encourage people to petrol bomb an Indian takeaway at the centre of a major child abuse probe.

“Carlisle Crown Court heard how Alan Clarke’s reckless comments on the social networking site led to him being sacked by bosses at the city’s Cumberland Infirmary.

“He admitted using Facebook to collude with others in a way that could have encouraged people to commit criminal damage – namely by attacking the Spice of India takeaway in Botchergate, Carlisle.

“Prosecutor Mark Lamberty described how the 27-year-old defendant had read about a police investigation into the systematic sexual abuse of young girls in the city.

“The man arrested for those offences – and later convicted and jailed for 15 years – was Spice of India’s Bangladeshi boss Azad Miah.

“Mr Lamberty outlined a Facebook conversation Clarke had with another man on October 4 last year.

“One comment posted by Clarke stated: “People think I’m a racist because I’m always having a go at these lot. I think this is a good enough reason, don’t you.

““Just remember this, curry lovers of Carlisle – if you get your takeaway from Spice of India, you are funding this sick [person’s] habit of grooming young girls and worse. And if anyone feels the need to smash the place up, I won’t stop you. Ha ha!”

“Clarke added: “The place needs petrol bombed.”

“Police acted swiftly, advising staff at the takeaway to close, which they did. Officers then seized Clarke’s computer from his Ridley Road home in Currock and arrested him.

“In his interview, he described himself as a “keyboard warrior.”

““He said he knew what he put was wrong, but he was having a rant,” continued Mr Lamberty. Clarke admitted being a member of the far right English Defence League (EDL), but insisted he did not intend the restaurant should actually be damaged.

“Judge Batty told the defendant that, given his political leanings, his Facebook comments had an air of “triumphalism.”

“He added: “Fortunately, people in Carlisle have a lot more sense than you appear to have and people in Carlisle let justice take its course rather than following idiots like you and other such idiots who are involved in the so-called English Defence League.”

“Judge Batty imposed a 12- month jail term, suspending it for two years; 200 hours unpaid work; and an electronically monitored night-time curfew for the next six months.”

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