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The Sun starts broadcasting on the Internet and avoids OFCOM regulations

 Professor Roy Greenslade (pictured) on his Media blog at The Guardian draws our attention to an important development in media convergence as The Sun newspaper launches a radio show presented by Jon Gaunt via its online newspaper site.

SunTalk, which was launched this week, embeds a radio show within The Sun’s online content such that the show falls within the purview of the Press Complaints Commission and not the traditional broadcasting regulator, OFCOM.

Greenslade observes, ’It is clear that Gaunt will have more freedom on a newspaper website than he did on traditional radio. His output will be regulated by the Press Complaints Commission rather than Ofcom.’

The Press Complaints Commission and the system of press self regulation was recently criticized in a report by the Media Standards Trust, 'A More Accountable Press', which concluded that the PCC was ‘insufficiently effective, largely unaccountable, opaque, and failing to reflect the radically changed media environment.’

The MST report argued that, ‘Without urgent reform, self-regulation of the press will become increasingly ineffective at protecting the public or promoting good journalism. Without prompt and meaningful action, there is a real danger that the current system will become increasingly irrelevant.’

As newspapers utilize the freedom of their online sites for broadcasting purposes, SunTalk describes itself as ‘the home of free speech’, the extent to which the PCC and the current system of self regulation does indeed become ‘increasingly ineffective at protecting the public or promoting good journalism’ and ‘increasingly irrelevant’ will be viewed with dismay and considerable concern by those who already recoil at the high level of Islamophobic content in the media.

No wonder The Sun’s political commentator, Trevor Kavanagh, can’t wait to get on to the show.

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0 #1 SP 2009-04-24 11:30
Jon Gaunt is the same guy who got kicked off the radio station talksport for calling a prominant member of society a Nazi. Expect alot of Islamophobic coverage on this since he is no stranger to expressing his opinion on the islam in the negative.
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