Saturday, July 02 2016

Community cohesion and local government

 Communities Minister Shahid Malik (pictured) yesterday launched new guidance for local authorities on mainstreaming community cohesion into other services.

The guidance document details some of the social and financial benefits of cohesive communities (admittedly, the report only carries cost estimates for reductions in levels of crime), and records good practice examples from councils across the country.

Speaking on the guidance document, Shahid Malik MP said:

'"We know that challenges to cohesion do exist and there are those who try to undermine our commonality and our shared values.

"We, therefore, need to tackle head-on the sense of unfairness and disaffection that is alienating parts of our community. Promoting cohesion should never be an optional extra.

There’s an interesting segment at the end of the document on ways in which local authorities can utilize the local media to combat some of the fear and falsehoods that can, if left unchallenged, damage community relations.

And in the interests of transparency and publicizing the benefits to local communities of funds allocated to voluntary sector organizations in London by the London Councils’ grants scheme, information on organisations funded by the scheme and the projects undertaken are available on the site’s Grants Directory page.

London Councils will be launching a new website showcasing the benefits of the grants scheme next month.

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