Monday, June 27 2016

Martin Bright's 'extremist' 'sectarian' slurs rejected as 'groundless'

  The Jewish Chronicle today publishes letters in response to Martin Bright's article last week on the need for a ‘strategic alliance between British Jews [and] anti-Islamists' against the East London Mosque and the London Muslim Centre. 

The letters from Ayub Khan, secretary of the East London Mosque, Neil Jameson, of London Citizens, and Revd. Alan Green, chair of Tower Hamlets Interfaith Forum, challenge Bright's description of the ELM and LMC as 'Islamist extreme right' and his claims that the institutions are run by individuals 'promoting a sectarian Islam'.

If Bright had actually spoken to groups that have formed strategic alliances with the ELM/LMC on civic initiatives in the East End he might have more accurately portrayed the ethos and work of the two institutions. But as David Cameron so ably demonstrated at Prime Minister's Question Time on Wednesday, the facts often run secondary to a malign intent to demonise and misrepresent Muslim groups in the UK.

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