Wednesday, June 01 2016

BNP leaflets in St Albans investigated for inciting racial hatred

  Leaflets distributed by a BNP activist in St. Albans, against a mosque planning application submitted by a local Muslim group, are being investigated by police for incitement to racial hatred.

The BNP leaflets headlined "Do you want to live under an oppressive Islamic Sharia government?" were distributed in London Colney by party activist, Danny Seabrook. The leaflet claims that the planning application to turn Cemex House in Barnet Road into a mosque was part of a wider plot to turn St Albans into an Islamic city.

Seabrook denies inciting racial hatred saying information on the leaflet is "factual and to the point".

He went on: "A mosque would be out of keeping in the village. St Albans is a Christian city. You give an inch and they take a mile. They'll have minarets up there next."

It's not the first time BNP literature has been referred to the police for investigation. Police charged Anthony Bamber with incitement to religious hatred for leaflets he distributed blaming Muslims for the heroin trade.

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