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The Independent on the BNP's prize target, Barking council

 The Independent on Saturday carried a feature on ‘The Battle for Barking’ – exploring the challenges facing parties working to avert a BNP victory in the local and general elections in the Borough on May 6th.

Securing control of Barking and Dagenham council is among BNP priorities with leader, Nick Griffin, describing it as a “real prize”.

From the Independent:

‘It is far from unthinkable that the citizens of this London borough will wake on 7 May to find the British National Party running their council. If its confident prediction that it can more than double its contingent of 12 councillors comes true, a party whose leader, Nick Griffin, once denied the Holocaust and said "Hitler went a bit too far" will find itself in charge of services to 165,000 people and an annual budget of £200m.

‘This weekend, hundreds of BNP supporters are expected to descend on the area. In an email, Mr Griffin appeals for as many members as possible to target the constituency over the weekend. "A victory in Barking and Dagenham will benefit every region and branch in the country, as a breakthrough of that magnitude will cause a political earthquake and publicity frenzy," he writes.

‘In the 1997 general election, the BNP mustered just 894 votes, or 2.7 per cent of the vote. In the 2008 London Assembly elections, the BNP vote in some wards hit more than 38 per cent.

‘Alongside Stoke-on-Trent council, the BNP has made no secret of the fact that securing power in Barking and Dagenham is its priority. Mr Griffin has stated that his candidacy is designed to allow him to take the "flak" from anti-BNP campaigners while his activists focus on the "real prize" of the council.

‘The Independent understands the party is close to fielding a candidate for each of the 51 local authority seats with the aim of securing the 14 extra councillors it needs to seize its "prize". It could take as little as 1,000 votes in six wards to hand power to the BNP.’

For those rightly alarmed at the prediction: ‘It could take as little as 1,000 votes in six wards to hand power to the BNP’, it’s worth reminding that registering to vote ahead of the deadline, Tuesday 20th April, is an important priority in the days ahead.

More details on registering on the electoral roll are available here.

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