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Vandals caught on CCTV attacking Eccles and Salford Mosque

 Two vandals have been caught on CCTV hurling stones at Eccles and Salford mosque and tearing down its perimeter fencing.

Having suffered from a spate of attacks since 2006, the mosque installed CCTV cameras for added security.  You can watch the CCTV footage of the attacks, click on image left.

Ali Anees, chairman of the Eccles and Salford Mosque, told Manchester Evening News: “We have had problems regularly. In March, someone threw paint over the outside of the mosque and wrote graffiti.

“Then at about 2am last Saturday two men got into the grounds. One is on film throwing bricks which had been taken from a wall of a neighbouring building. They attacked the building twice in about 20 minutes.

“Three sections of the windows were smashed and bricks were found inside the office of the mosque. We had another incident in March when eggs were thrown at people leaving the mosque by people driving past.

 “After a lot of damage was caused in 2006, we had people come forward to help us and in the last two years we have spent £425,000 on new buildings.

“We have up to 500 members and they are very angry about the attacks. We want the culprits caught.”

The attack on Eccles and Salford mosque is the latest of a growing number of religiously-motivated attacks on mosques and community centres around the UK, Sunderland, Cradley Heath, Greenwich and Luton Islamic Centre – to name a few. With the EDL planning a return to Dudley, after its largest anti-Muslim protest against a mosque was held in the town a few weeks ago, the question that arises in the minds of many Muslims is what will it take, and how many attacks on Muslim properties will have to be endured, before the Government and those working in ‘community cohesion’ realise that these attacks merit a more strident official response?

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