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Tory MP to present veil ban to Commons

 Philip Hollobone (pictured), Conservative MP for Kettering, who has previously compared niqab and burqa wearers to 'the religious equivalent of going around with a paper bag over your head' is to reportedly ask parliament to restrict the use of burqa in the UK.

Northamptonshire Evening Standard reports that Hollobone will present a Private Members Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill in the House of Commons. The move comes on the back of a decision arrived at by MPs from 47 European countries who voted against a general prohibition on the wearing of the burqa, niqab or other religious symbols since it would deny women who genuinely and freely desire to cover their face.

Hollobone 'said: "The ruling clearly demonstrates that members of the council of the EU are out of touch with popular opinion.

'"What they said does leave open the possibility of restrictions on the wearing of burkas for security and other reasons – it doesn't forbid any measure.

'"If motorcyclists have to take their helmet off when they go into shops and banks the same rules should apply to people wearing the burka."

'A private member's bill is a proposed law introduced by a backbench MP for the House of Commons to debate but does not automatically become law if MPs vote in its favour.

'Inam Khan, chairman of the Kettering Muslim Association, said: "This has never been an issue in Kettering. There are only two females in the entire population of 35,000 here who wear the hijab [niqab]. I don't understand why it has become an issue, especially when there are such serious other issues affecting the country.

'"You will never, ever speak to anybody who works in a bank or a shop or a newsagent in Kettering who has had an issue with this."'

Hollobone is no stranger to amplifying the views of an extreme minority who oppose the wearing of the burqa and niqab in public places. His latest attempt to deny service and access into public places will no doubt infringe upon the rights of Muslim women and their ability to contribute to public life. Borne out of arrogance that is presumptuous of Muslim womens’ intentions for choosing to wear the veil and disregard for the freedom of expression as exercised by women who choose to cover their face, Hollobone's Private Members Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill will only serve to foment anti-Muslim prejudice.

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0 #3 Adam 2010-07-13 13:20
With a face like that, the RH Philip Hollobone should seriously consider wearing one himself!
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0 #2 Head DressDavid Grimes 2010-07-01 07:54
I came across your website by accident and was intrigued by the head scarf comments. I noted the comments that very few wear them and what’s the fuss. I also notice your website is about communication and understanding. If this is the case why would you promote / support the actions of a few which clearly upsets the majority and causes disharmony in the general population unless you were set on giving primacy to your own wishes over that of the majority or the greater harmony of the country as a whole. I also note you say you know no one in a bank who would complain – your so correct in my experience they would open them selves to prosecution, dismissal etc so they smile and nod, act polite and in doing so build up untold resentment which will further cause unrest in the country over time. The British way is not to offend by telling the truth, this is why the British never complain about a poor meal in a restaurant they just don’t go back – to complain is to offend and we just don’t like offending people. If I were in Saudi Arabia and wanted to go round bare footed it would be seen as disrespectful even though no disrespect was intended, and so as a guest or new comer and as good manners toward my hosts I would refrain from such actions and not attempt to change their culture or laws but above all offend them in their own home – when in Rome do as the Romans do! This is the way to cultural harmony.
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0 #1 Harun 2010-06-25 13:22
This is when assistance should be sought from the Conservative Muslim Forum..what is their opinion on this and what are they doing to curb the stem of this type of Islamophobic under-current that runs the breadth of the Conservative Party.
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