Monday, June 27 2016

'How women won it for Galloway'

The Guardian relates the significance of the Muslim female vote in George Galloway’s election victory in Bradford West last week. The paper covers the strategy employed by women in Bradford and Galloway’s campaign team to get out the female vote.

From the paper:

“It might seem strange that Galloway, who has had a colourful love life and who married his fourth wife over the weekend – apparently abandoning his third within months of the birth of their second child – should connect so well with female voters. Especially those from a religious background who might be expected to be more than usually moralistic about matters such as fidelity.

"Having a woman as leader does send a strong message of equality and non-discrimination," said Yaqoob. "There is a symbolism having a woman at the top, especially a Muslim woman, given this nonsense about the oppression of Muslim women."

“[Galloway] knew that in order to overturn the Labour hegemony in Bradford West, he would need to reach out to sections of the community Labour had long ignored: young people and women, particularly the women of the Asian community, which in the 2001 census made up 38% of the constituency.”

Read the full article here.

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