Thursday, June 30 2016

Daily Mail blames Olympic travel chaos on Muslims

The blog Political Scrapbook has posted an article on a report in the Daily Mail on Saturday, which appears to blame the predicted traffic chaos that will hit London during the Olympics, on Muslims. The DM article headlines, ‘Ramadan ‘will cause even more transport chaos during the Olympics as worshippers squeeze onto non-Games lanes’.

Much of the article actually addresses Olympic travel-chaos more broadly, however it begins with the issue of Muslims squeezing “into non-Games lanes to worship at the many mosques that surround the Olympic Park.”

As Political Scrapbook notes, “The section attacking Muslims contains no comment from Transport for London or games organisers LOCOG, instead relying on a single quote from a local Asian councillor.” It adds that no mention is made in the article of a single “Ramadan road closure which will impact on the Olympics.”

The poor and seemingly lazy report appears to be another example of the DM finding any excuse to make Muslims a scapegoat. For a much more informative report on the predicted travel chaos during the Olympics and its coinciding with Ramadhan, see an article on East London Lines here, which carries quotes from the East London Mosque as well as Transport for London on the measures taken to manage travelers and the volume of visitors to the area.

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